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Upon a map listing endangered species, lands and cultures, a map of miseries, calamities and despair, we create towers in keeping with the humanistic goals of the UN.
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Patrick Belz is my friend.

He currently works at Belz Architecture in Nantes, France.

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Franck Le Bousse is a European educated architect with 20 years of experience. His work includes product design, interior design, and architecture which illustrate his commitment to the ideals of modern architecture.

He currently works at VOA Associates in Washington, DC.

Prior to joining VOA Associates, he worked for 7 years at Group Goetz Architects where he was responsible for the aesthetics, conceptual and planning solutions of more than 15 projects.

His multi disciplinary skills and ease at designing at various scales, allowed him to implement provocative ideas in simple and elegant solutions for projects including major national civic projects, commercial office building interior and architectural projects as well as landscape and furniture designs. The HSC Foundation Headquarter he completed in 2012 was extensively published and received the AIA DC Award of Excellence in Architecture.

Prior to working in the United States, he worked in Chile, Germany and France. Throughout these 20 years of professional experience, he demonstrated the ability to work effectively with, and ultimately lead, people with different interests, talents and cultural backgrounds.

His ability to listen and understand is revealed both in the efficient way he leads and organizes project teams and in the way he clearly and concisely communicates ideas to clients in presentations supported by elegant graphic documents.

These skills combined with a strong technical background allowed him to bring several recent projects to completion where he was able to demonstrate his excellence in design while exceeding client's expectations.

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